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Last Commanders - Format

30 min episodes

The quest for freedom

Last Commanders is an out of this world sci-fi computer-based children’s game show. 

A massively powerful Artificial Intelligence, Sciron, has created a virus to take over the Ykarus Biotech space station.  Viewers are recruited by Skye, a freedom fighter, to help defeat Sciron. 

Using skype-like technology, groups of friends or siblings first choose the avatar who will be their freedom fighter.  These avatars are real-life actors who, rigged with a camera and communication head set, serve as the eyes and ears of the Contestants. 

Our Contestants must then direct their avatar from their own living room around the space station, cracking codes, tackling obstacles and overcoming challenges to find the anti-virus.  Beware, they must at all costs avoid the enemy cybers, or it will be Game Over!

Puzzle-solving with a first person video game twist, will our young heroes succeed and bring freedom to the galaxy?




Broadcast Digital Awards 2018 - Best Children's Digital Content (Nomination)

BAFTA Scotland Awards 2018 - Best Entertainment Programme (Nomination)

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Credit Line

Objective Media Group Scotland and Panda TV for CBBC, UK



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