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Midsomer Murders - Series 14

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Midsomer Murders is a classic whodunit drama with an established pedigree. It has been a favourite with audiences around the world for over 15 years – and is arguably Britain’s best-selling TV drama export.

The series stars Inspector Barnaby who is kept very busy, because, despite the apparent idyllic nature of the county, with its green fields and hedgerows, its thatched roofs and village fetes, the inhabitants are a murderous lot.

Neil Dudgeon takes over as Midsomer’s Detective Chief Inspector in Series 14 of the show. He plays DCI John Barnaby – who is the former incumbent, DCI Tom Barnaby’s cousin. John Barnaby has a degree in psychology and finds the residents very curious. He also has his faithful hound Sykes and a rather beautiful wife, Sarah, who is a working woman; arguably, John Barnaby is not the ruler of the household...

But he does have Jones, his energetic assistant, who knows the ins and outs of local-life and helps solve the mysteries, murder and mayhem.

Barnaby can also rely on the astute wit of the pathologist, Dr Kate Wilding, who is not one to suffer fools on her slab.

And of course the real star of Midsomer is the county itself with its rolling hills, small, charming villages and quaint habits.


8 x 2 hours




Bentley Productions


C21 Drama Awards 2014 - Best refresh of a long running drama series franchise (nomination)
Broadcast Digital Awards 2014 - Best Game (Nomination)
Nominated for a Monte Carlo Television Award 2012

Credit Line

Bentley Productions for ITV1, UK


Neil Dudgeon, Jason Hughes, Fiona Dolman


Brian True-may