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From the co-creator of HUSTLE & LIFE ON MARS - a dynamic twenty-something drama about young doctors, their hectic work lives and more hectic social lives… high production values – big emotional storylines…

A group of young doctors embark on their first jobs at a major hospital. The demands on them are immense, but the pressures they face will shape the type of doctors, people and friends they become. Rhian - the baby of the group, bursting with life & positive attitudes. She's about honest endeavour – work hard and you will prosper. Ameer - natural academic, hard-worker, found studying a breeze. Now he's in the real world, patients aren't like the faceless diagrams in his books. They talk, they have feelings – it's a nightmare. Cath - determined, feisty, aware of the effect she has on men, and will use it to her advantage, but wants to be loved for who she really is – she’s just not sure who she really is. Simon - wanted to be a pathologist since he was exposed at an early age to a box-set of 'Quincy, ME.'

Unfortunately, you have to learn how to save people before you can cut them open… Rob - the unspoken leader of the clan - archetypal hard-drinking, hard-playing Welsh man – but Rob’s death as the gangs adventure is just beginning becomes a force to reckon for all….


12 x 1/2 hour




Red Planet Pictures

Credit Line

Red Planet Pictures for BBC


Elin Phillips, Kezia Burrows, Simon Rivers, Gareth Milton


Martin Hutchings. Executive Producers: Tony Jordan, Claire Phillips, Rob Gittins


Ashley Way, D.J Evans, Gareth Bryn