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Westside - Series 5

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The days of disco, free love and serious crime.

1987. The year when the West family go toe-to-toe with a foe unlike any other. They are taking on the old school of Auckland criminals, the ones who are part of the establishment. The ones who do not like upstarts like Ted, Rita and Wolf on their patch.

Series 5 begins with a birth, and Wolf is now the proud father of three kids. Or four, if you count Brandon, Anne-Marie’s son. Wolf’s secret family is yet another skeleton in the West’s closet waiting to be outed – or to be used as collateral in the generational war. The secrets lurking in the family archives are waiting to emerge at precisely the wrong time. Rita, alone, has a truckload of history ready to bite her on the arse. Neither is Ted immune from his past and his reputation, to the extent where just being Ted West is enough to land you behind bars. But the Wests must park their differences and battle a foe with the power to control electricity and running water. It's the year when the West family faces extinction; when they must choose to fight or flee. And let’s face it, fleeing is not in their DNA. 


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10 x 1hr




South Pacific Pictures



2019 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - Best Drama (Silver World Medal) 2018 New Zealand TV Awards - Best Drama 2018 New Zealand TV Awards - Best Actress (Antonia Prebble) 2018 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - Best Drama (Silver World Medal)
2019 New Zealand TV Awards - Huawei Mate30 Pro: NZ on Air Best Drama Series

Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for Three, New Zealand


Rita: Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune)
Ted: David de Lautour (Being Eve)
Wolf: Reef Ireland (Downriver)
Cheryl: Jessica Grace Smith (Home and Away)



Mark Beesley


Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Chris Bailey, Kelly Martin