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Generation Porn

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Whether you watch it or not, we’re all affected

This landmark documentary series explores the influence of the modern porn ‘epidemic’ through the people who watch it, star in it and control it. It is a contemporary story with a clear beginning: 1995, when the web porn revolution was officially born with the release of Pamela Anderson’s sex tape. From there, it has grown exponentially into a multi-billion dollar industry with a truly global impact. But just how vast is its cultural reach, what effect has it had on young people and has it adversely influenced our view of women? From the teens addicted to porn and those who actively campaign against it, to the young women new to the industry and the modern moguls who run it, Generation Porn seeks to answer these questions and much more. Told over three interlinked episodes with continuing narrative threads, the series reveals how the industry’s influence is changing our view of sex and relationships in a way we could never have imagined.


3 x 1 hr


Factual & Factual Entertainment


Story Films Limited - United Kingdom

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Story Films for Channel 4, UK