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Diary of an Uber Driver

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100 billion stars in the universe. Ben just needs five.

Based on the hugely popular blog and e-book by Ben Phillips, Diary of an Uber Driver is a character driven warm drama drawn from true stories. Part traditional narrative and part anthology television, each episode will continue the journey of our hero, Uber driver Ben, as he uses what he learns from his passengers to piece together his place in the world. Can he figure out how to be a good man in a life that’s not quite what he expected, while helping others get to where they’re going, all in time for the birth of his first child?

The passenger characters appear in standalone episodes, but their effect on Ben ripple throughout the series. Some passengers’ lives we will learn about in more detail and some will be brief interactions, moments in time that speak to the overarching theme of an episode. Ben’s recounts of his driving experiences are curious, sensitive and very funny. It was Ben’s unique take on his passengers which saw the blog become not just a secret window into the life of the mysterious ‘driver’ figure, but also a fascinating portrait of the underrepresented parts of a community.


6 x 30 mins




Revlover Films - Australia

Credit Line

Revlover Films for ABC, Australia in association with all3media international and Create NSW


Ben: Sam Cotton (Rosehaven, The Family Law, Wanted)
Beck: Zahra Newman (Wentworth Prison, Rush, Sisters)


Martha Coleman, Lauren Edwards


Matthew Moore

Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Michael Ritchie, Steve Rogers, Nina Stevenson, Greg Sitch, Will Vickers