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Arranged marriage may seem like an old fashioned concept, but in today’s society, it can be very hard to find a suitable partner by yourself.  Many people face repeated failed relationships because they keep choosing partners they just aren’t suited to, and some singletons worry they will be left on the shelf forever. This series investigates whether following the advice of friends and family can actually help someone find the perfect match.

Our host, who has experienced a happy arranged marriage, helps hapless singletons find a life partner, by applying the Asian principles of 'arranging a marriage' by getting someone’s friends and family to help find possible matches. The team will leave no stone unturned to draw up a short list of potential suitors. Our singleton is then given a presentation from which she must choose her ideal match. The pair meet for the first time at a special introduction party attended by all their family & friends. But after going through this carefully considered process, will there be an attraction and an eventual enduring relationship? Only time can tell…


60 min


Factual Entertainment



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betty for BBC Two, UK