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A clandestine ‘tunnel party’ in the depths of the hinterland draws kids from all over the area with the usual fare of sex, drugs and thumping music, but mostly with the lure of a spectacular stunt – that then goes awesomely awry.

As fire spreads through the bush, cops descend and kids flee onto the dark roads in panic, the crash that follows becomes the transformative event that drives our characters and the mystery of the show. The crash is an end point for some and a catalyst for others, forging new alliances and triggering events that transform their lives and the idyllic town.

The unfolding story arc over the series will be the mystery of the car crash. The emotional stakes are immediately high. Kids have died and we want to know why and who is responsible. However, this show is also celebratory - about the glory of risk taking, the reckless passion of young lovers, the importance of friendship and the infinite possibility of youth. The car crash is the dramatic event that allows the audience entry into the lives of characters who are forced to make important moral and emotional decisions that define their identities and their very different futures.

Each episode explores a pivotal change in a different character- as one character’s journey weaves into the next, passing the baton on, the unfolding mystery of the crash will be resolved. The night of the accident will become the touchstone for each episode - a vignette of experience that will introduce us to our ‘hero character’, reveal a new perspective and offer up another piece of the ongoing puzzle.


5 x 12’ or 1 x 1 hr




Every Cloud Productions