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Conviction - Murder at the Station

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Every year, over 200 people in the UK are convicted of murder. A guilty verdict can only be challenged if new evidence comes to light – and less than 1% of cases are ever overturned.

Conviction: Murder at the Station follows a team of experts as they investigate whether evidence exists that could challenge the conviction of a man in prison for a murder he denies. Inside Justice is a specialist charity led by Louise Shorter, supported by a panel of criminal lawyers, ex-police officers and forensics experts who offer assistance to prisoners who are protesting their innocence. This series follows Louise as she investigates a case, looking for evidence that could present grounds to bring an appeal - and ultimately overturn the conviction of a Southampton man in prison for the murder of his secret lover.

This two part series from James Newton (director of the Bafta-nominated The Detectives) is a compelling look into real life crime, through the eyes of a charity that investigates alleged miscarriages of justice.


2 x 1 hr


Factual & Factual Entertainment


Raw Factual Limited - United Kingdom


The Grierson Awards 2017 - Best Documentary Series (nomination)

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Raw for BBC Two, UK