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Isle of Chimps

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The perfect sanctuary for a second chance

Isle of Chimps is a colourful portrait of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a place where orphaned and rescued chimpanzees – victims of the illegal exotic pet and bushmeat trades – are given a second chance in life by living in a community alongside other chimps.

Situated off the coast of Uganda’s Lake Victoria, this semi wild sanctuary provides a safe haven for a species whose population has crashed from one million in the 1990s to just 200,000 today. The 49 chimps that make their home here spend their days living like wild chimps in a 100-acre forest and their nights in an enclosure.

The challenge for Ngamba’s staff is to integrate new orphans into the community. Newcomers, especially males, are not always welcomed as they can be seen as a threat to the existing hierarchy, so making friends with the other chimps is a slow process that can take several months. This film follows that process at work through the eyes of Ngamba’s youngest orphan, two-year-old Eazy.




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