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Body nightmares turned into dreams

Welcome to Body Fixers, a pop- up beauty parlour with a jaw dropping appointment book. A spin off of the Studio Lambert’s hit Show Tattoo Fixers; Body Fixers is a one stop shop where people with extreme, shocking and downright hilarious beauty and style fails can come to have their problems fixed by a team of top young professionals from the world of hair, health & beauty. Whether correcting a dodgy hair dye job, a terrible tan or a treacherous trout pout, our crack team will repair botched bodies and give their clients a total restyle.


In each episode we’ll meet some colourful characters for whom the beauty dream has become a nightmare and who’ll reveal why they are now in such desperate need of help.  With each client getting a full transformation, leading to an emotional reveal, Body Fixers gives the ‘style make over’ its own face lift. 



60 min episodes


Factual Entertainment


Channel 4

Credit Line

Studio Lambert for E4, UK