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Brendan's Love Cruise

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All aboard the luxury cruise ship where everyone’s looking for romance. Sun, sea, gorgeous locations and great characters: “Brendan’s Love Cruise” is a warm and funny insight into the tricky business of dating, romance and having fun on your holidays.

Brendan Sheerin, Captain of the Love Cruise, has invited 70 single men and women to try and find romance on board a luxurious cruise ship sailing the Mediterranean.

In each episode one man and one woman choose from a selection of three potential shipmates. Brendan sets up speed dates, talent contests and dancing classes to bring out the best in his shipmates. If their date is a success they’ll continue the romance on board, if there's no spark then their date has to pack their suitcase and walk the plank to be left behind at the next port.

Will love conquer all on the high seas? Find out on Brendan’s Love Cruise.


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Optomen for Channel 4, UK