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Perfect - Series 1

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Which world class chef is the master of the perfect roast? Which top foodie can pull off perfect Italian cuisine every time? We'll find out in Perfect... , the show which invites two great cooking icons to pit their perfect dishes against each other. 

Each episode will focus on a particular cuisine or type of food, and over three rounds two chefs famed for their utterly delicious food will challenge each other to be crowned king or queen of the chosen genre – it might be roasts, pies, picnics or puddings. 

Top chefs including Ken Hom, Allegra McEvedy, Maria Elia and Mark Sargeant will cook on adjacent hobs, taking turns to explain what they're doing and how it will make their dish the best. A specially selected judging panel - we're talking butchers for the roasts, the Women's Institute for the cakes, and so on - will taste each dish and decide which one comes out on top. 

The chefs' infectious enthusiasm and years of experience will deliver the inspiration and secrets needed to turn every good cook in to a great one. 

And because every dish is something that viewers will be able to make at home, we'll all be cooking Perfect dinners before long... 


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