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Undercover Boss Uk - Series 5

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The reality series that follows high level executives as they take the extraordinary step of going undercover in their own companies to ensure that they are fighting fit for the future.

The bosses slip anonymously in to the lowest level jobs to get their hands dirty with the rank and file, and find out what their employees REALLY think. They discover what needs fixing, who deserves praising and who needs a wake up call.

It's an experience that transforms the bosses and the staff who work for them.


6 x 1 hour


Factual & Factual Entertainment


Studio Lambert


Primetime Emmy Awards 2014- Outstanding Reality Program (Nomination)
Outstanding Reality Program - Primetime Emmy Awards 2013
Outstanding Reality Program- Primetime Emmy Awards 2012
Best Reality Series Nomination- Critics Choice TV Awards 2012
Best International Programme Sales- Broadcast Awards 2011
Outstanding Reality Program Nomination- Primetime Emmy Awards 2010
Most popular Factual Program Nomination- Logie Awards 2011 (Australia)
Best Observational Documentary- C21 / FRAPA Format Awards 2009

Credit Line

Studio Lambert for Channel 4, UK


Stephen Lambert