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Monty Don's French Gardens

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Passion, beauty and horticulture…

This series reveals a hidden world of horticultural diversity which proves the French too have gardening in their souls and their gardens.

Acclaimed horticulturalist Monty Don will travel through France taking the viewer on a journey which will mix some of the most famous gardens in the world with new and unknown ones. This will be a highly personal journey, and we will learn what it is about French gardens that fascinates as a window onto the nature of the country as a whole…

Passionate, volatile, extravagant - yet fastidious and fussy.  This view of the contradictory French is borne out in their gardens – often lavish, but almost puritanical in their lines and colours; wildly overblown, but without a flower out of place.  The French formal garden could not be more different from its English counterpart.

We explore these contradictions not only in the gardens but also in the culture.  Each episode looks at a different aspect of life – royal heritage, food, art and landscape – from the perspective of the garden. From Versailles to vineyard gardens, from the roofs gardens of Paris to Monet and Yves St Laurent idylls – it’s going to be gorgeous.


3 x 1 hour


Factual & Factual Entertainment


Lion TV

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Lion Television for BBC 2, UK


Executive Producer: Alexandra Henderson; Producer: Rachel Bell