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Danger Beach - Series 2

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Welcome to New Zealand’s roughest and toughest beach - Muriwai, better known to locals as Danger Beach - and to the men and women who save lives! This exhilarating documentary series follows the extreme rescues that take place at this hazardous, yet stunning beauty spot. Incredible rock-face, helicopter and sea rescues - all led by a team of volunteer life-saving heroes, who we come to know and respect throughout the series. The guards are led by Club Captain Dave Butt, who at just twenty-one years of age is a veteran – it’s a young guard’s game requiring maximum fitness. His brother Chris has been saving swimmers for five years and is still only 17 years old! Dave has swum through it all: 15 metre swells, leaping from helicopters into boiling surf and he is well equipped to lead his team of eight patrols. Every weekend these brave young volunteer guards risk their own lives – travelling on high speed jet skis, getting smashed by waves that could easily kill them – to protect swimmers and surfers in busy Muriwai, just outside the centre of Auckland. Often they succeed; but sometimes they fail and have to deal with tragic situations… By definition – this is a fast –paced action series!


10 x 1/2 hour


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