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Lingo - Licencing

Lingo is the definitive word-play game that keeps on innovating for new audiences with its mix of skill, tension, humour and the chance to win big cash prizes. 

Two teams are pitted against each other in a battle to find words. As the words become increasingly difficult, the stakes become higher and the prize money escalates. Tactics are paramount as the losing team can snatch sudden victory with a well-judged challenge. 

In the three-minute Main Round players must quickly spell as many five-letter words as possible in order to score bonus points that will help them later on in the game. With just the first letter of the word and a couple of hints to help them, the players must type like crazy to try and figure out what the word is and will see green squares to tell them when a letter is in the right position. This round is then followed by the ‘Lingo Round,’ in which players get more chances to win bonus points based on the number of words they found correctly in the Main Round. 

This interactive game is currently available on the following platforms:

App on iOS and Android – with the option of localisation

Kindle game – with the option of localisation

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