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Ultimate Traveller - Format

60 min eps

Take six inexperienced backpackers from disparate social backgrounds. Drop them in a back street of Jakarta, Indonesia. All that lies between each of them and £10,000 prize money is 2,000 kilometers, a series of challenges, and five equally ardent competitors!

All will have the experience of a lifetime – but only one will be crowned “Ultimate Traveler”. The aim of this quest is to impress fellow travelers and secure their vote as the best travelling companion; the companions are Gareth, a sheltered student who falls at the first hurdle to be replaced by Lewis; tough guy business man Andrew; sporty, up for laugh Nathan; posh Oxford University student Chloe; urban ‘diva’ Chantell and Scottish gap year student Mairi Claire. Over the eight weeks, tensions mount, passions are revealed and friendships are tested as they struggle with unfamiliar and overwhelming surroundings. Reaching their final destination, they gather for an emotional Ultimate Traveler finale…


Channel 4 (UK)

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Studio Lambert for Channel 4, UK

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