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All Or Nothing - Format

60 min eps

The gameshow where the studio audience share the experience in more ways than one!

In addition to being in with chance of sharing the whole jackpot – which is defined by the combined weight of the audience – it’s the audience member’s skills and hobbies that comprise the bases of the games that a select few will be chosen to play.

You may be a champion finger football player – could you demonstrate your skills under pressure and double the jackpot for everyone? Each show features inventive and spectacular games – physical and mental – as well as some good personal banter and jeopardy as the jackpot goes up and down dependent on how you, the audience, perform in the challenges.

Games are based on a member of the audience being selected – for example Malcolm is a golfer who missed his wedding anniversary to play a round; to redeem himself he is set a golf-based challenge of increasing difficulty; when will the audience start to lose confidence in his ability to complete the challenge…

Games are a mixture of skill and odds… The END GAME is a Roulette Wheel style gamble. 



Credit Line

Originally produced by Lion Television

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