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Raw - Series 3

6 x 1 hour

RAW has been firmly established as one of Dublin’s best neighbourhood restaurants. All the old faces are back for series three and there’re some new ones too.

Jojo and Dylan are still going strong and have bought their first house together. Bobby and Dylan are making a success of their bar and Jojo is well established in Raw as Geoff’s number two in the kitchen. Life can’t seem to get any better for Jojo. But when old feelings for Bobby re-emerge, she finds herself in an impossible predicament and life suddenly doesn’t seem so sweet.  Can Jojo live with her betrayal or should she sacrifice everything and follow the love of her life?

Meanwhile, Fiona Kelly tackles the recession head on and employs a brand new front of house manager, Ray Cronin (Padraic Delaney) – formerly one of Dublin’s most successful entrepreneurs. Ray is a man with a colourful reputation and a simmering sexual tension begins to develop between them. Fiona succumbs to Ray’s charm and has to decide if she can ever love again… But is Ray what he really seems? With some murky secrets to hide, perhaps love is not the only item on his agenda.

Fiona’s wayward sister Kate is a regular barmaid at Raw and the two sisters have buried the hatchet. But never one for the mundane, Kate begins a dysfunctional relationship with rich guy Larry Deane and steals money from Raw to fund her extravagant lifestyle. Kate learns some valuable lessons when big sister Fiona tells her it’s time she grew up. 

Geoff and Pavel have put their past differences behind them and remain the best of friends. Geoff gets badly assaulted in a robbery at Raw and handsome Doctor Jack comes into their lives. While Geoff wrestles with post-traumatic stress, new romance blossoms between Pavel and Jack. Geoff wonders if Jack is all he’s cracked up to be.  But when he makes Pavel an irresistible offer Geoff fears Pavel could leave his life forever. Geoff has some tough decisions to make.

Shane has a career crisis at Raw when he and Geoff fail to see eye to eye. Dylan and Bobby offer him an escape with a job offer at the bar. Shane has to decide where his loyalties lie and Fiona is not too pleased with his decision. Shane’s love life isn’t much better. After initial fireworks with Kate, Shane has to fight to win her back from the dubious clutches of Larry Deane.

Jojo’s shocked when her nemesis fat cousin Ellen (Marcella Plunkett)  - aka ‘Ellie the elephant’ – arrives in Dublin, now positively drop-dead gorgeous. Jojo’s not impressed when Ellen she inveigles her way into the gang. And Ellen soon causes a stir when she takes a shine to Bobby and spills some Harte family secrets.

We will see more of Jojo and Shane’s mum Maeve as she comes to Dublin to study at Trinity. And we’ll meet Mr Harte too who tries desperately to re-unite the family and take his wife back home.


Irish Film & TV Awards (Nomination)
Best Actress in a Leading Role (Television) - Aisling O'Sullivan

Credit Line

Ecosse TV Productions Limited for RTE.



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