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Skins 1 - North America

10 x 1 hour


Skins is funny, sexy, disrespectful, stupid and licentious. It also aspires to be heart-breaking, elegantly witty and sub textual. 

The show fearlessly pokes fun at parents, teachers, the crazy rules of friendship and love in the teen years, wonky social rules and any other random target it chooses. Skins is on the edge of acceptability all the time.  But along the way, it stumbles across depth and truth; homing in on the difficulties and complications of young people’s lives. 

Somehow; we're never absolutely sure how; Skins is about, loyalty, obligations between friends and the difficulties of growing up in the pressure cooker of expectations which flow from an expectant and impatient adult world.

Credit Line

Company Pictures for MTV, North America


James Newman, Rachel Thevenard, Daniel Flaherty, Ron Mustafa, Jesse Carere, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Britne Oldford




Andrew Ferguson. Executive Producer: Matt Pelfrey



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