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Who You Gonna Call? - Format

It’s not what you know, but who you know!

Your phone could win you a fortune, but it makes no difference if you know the answers or not as in this game you have to pick one ‘contact’ to answer for you. How well do you really know all those ‘contacts’? Just one wrong call can cost you the whole game. 

Our two contestant’s mobile phone contacts are uploaded onto the screens…do you really know all these people? The game is played over 6 levels of increasing difficulty and rising stakes. Each level must be played with a different contact. If the answer they give is wrong half your winnings are lost; if they get it right, your winnings will double. In this game it really does pay to know your contacts! 

In a final twist – our end game is Random Shuffle – one last question is all it takes. But now our computer chooses the contact instead of our contestant. And it’s double or nothing with your winnings. So go on, tell us, ‘Who you gonna call’?



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Originally produced by North One Television

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