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Meet The Parents - Format

30 min episodes

Could you survive?

One real life couple, one tough challenge: for a boyfriend to survive the experience as he ‘Meets The Parents’. Unbeknown to the boyfriend, the entire family in the house are actors, and they are going to do their upmost to make his experience as uncomfortable and embarrassing as possible. If the boyfriend sticks around for the entire night, successfully completing every ‘endurance challenge’, he will win a luxury holiday for both himself and his girlfriend.

Everybody has to meet their partner’s parents at some point, but it’s not always being filmed by 30 hidden cameras and the family aren’t a cast of actors playing extreme family members!

Our contestant arrives in good faith to make his best impression on the family… perhaps he is invited round for Sunday lunch, but a variety of darkly comic set-ups await him;  his girlfriend’s wildly flirtatious mother perhaps, or an extremely nerd–ish brother with very strange hygiene habits, mad grandma, wired uncle – the list is endless.  Can our contestant deal with all the family members and the ‘private moments’ they have together and not either breakdown screaming or run away from the relationship for ever?!

Each week the cast of actors will play bizarre and outrageous family characters with hilarious consequences, pushing a new partner’s patience to the edge. This is ‘Meet The Parents’.


E4 (UK) Citi TV (Canada) Sat.1 (Germany)
ANTENNA1 (Greece) LNK (Lithuania) CTC (Russia)
Kanal 5 (Sweden) Kanal D (Turkey) 1+1 (Ukraine).


Launched Nov 2010, achieved average share 15% above the channel’s target 16-24 year olds

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Credit Line

Originally produced by Objective Productions for E4, UK

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