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Private Life Of Cows, Pigs, Chickens, The

3 x 1 hour


Science – and farmer Jimmy Doherty – reveal all about life on the farmyard. Jimmy is convinced that what some see as “dumb animals” are sentient beings with complex private lives.

To prove it – our Cows, Chickens and Pigs are reassessed by farmers, leading scientists with expert’s experiments and observational techniques to uncover the secret lives of those we take for granted. Social history, behaviour, anatomy and breeding are all analysed and we travel beyond the farm to the wild, exotic origins of the species!

Confounding expectation and prejudice – we reveal what really goes on behind closed barn-doors.

Credit Line

BBC Productions for BBC2, UK


Jimmy Doherty


Ishbel Hall, Jude Ho, Clare Fisher. Executive Producer: Greg Lanning. Series Producer: Colin Cameron


Ishbel Hall, Jude Ho, Clare Fisher



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