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Helicopter Heroes - Series 1

10 x 3/4 hr


Celebrity motor-head Richard Hammond owes his life to the speed and skill of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew, who rescued him from a wrecked jet car and flew him to intensive care in just 15 minutes.

Helicopter Heroes shows Richard with the crew to retell the incredible inside story of this incident – and also looks at all the extraordinary work they do - flying to the rescue at 150mph in their yellow Explorer choppers.

From injured bikers and collapsed hill-runners to downed hang gliders and pilots, the Helimed Team deal with serious illness, severed body-parts and trauma 24/7 and everyday brings a new life or death emergency.  This real life drama is all set against the stunning backdrop of the Dales and Moors of the Yorkshire countryside.

Each episode features eight real life emergencies, filmed by crews flying on the air ambulance.  Series 2 & 3 of the show features ex police action man Rav Wilding in the presenters cockpit , lending his own experience of road accidents and major incidents to the show.

The show performs incredibly well when broadcast on the BBC – every episode was in the Top 10 of AIl  - Most Appreciated criteria.

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