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Fairy Jobmother, The - Format

60 min eps

Hayley Taylor is ‘The Fairy Jobmother’, challenged each week with getting a work-shy family into a job.

First seen in Studio Lambert’s documentary series Benefit Busters, Hayley has a remarkable no-nonsense, straight-talking approach to the task of getting unemployed people into the workplace. Now, she is the star of a new formatted factual entertainment series that starts airing on Channel 4 this summer. In each self-contained episode, Hayley meets families where generations might be out of work and convinces them, with tough love and encouragement, that being employed beats spending the rest of their lives on benefits.

Hayley spends three weeks in the family home and turns around the family’s attitudes.  She prides herself on a holistic approach and believes that to get the long-term unemployed into work one needs to tackle every area of their life; from their motivation, attitude and aspiration to how they dress and the way they keep their home. She makes them face up to the realities of why they’re unemployed and confronts them with some home truths – often employing shock tactics to shake off their apathy.

At the end of each episode, Hayley arranges job interviews for those members of the family that she thinks are ‘job ready’.  In the emotional climax of the episode, Hayley and the family wait to find out whether the job interview has been successful...


Channel 4 (UK) Netherlands (SBS) Denmark (TV3)
Sweden (SBS)


Launched with a good 8.7% share, and performed consistently to secure its place as a top 3 most watched programme for Channel 4 every day it was broadcast.

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Studio Lambert

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