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12 x 1/2 hour

From the co-creator of HUSTLE & LIFE ON MARS - a dynamic twenty-something drama about young doctors, their hectic work lives and more hectic social lives… high production values – big emotional storylines…

A group of young doctors embark on their first jobs at a major hospital. The demands on them are immense, but the pressures they face will shape the type of doctors, people and friends they become. Rhian - the baby of the group, bursting with life & positive attitudes. She's about honest endeavour – work hard and you will prosper. Ameer - natural academic, hard-worker, found studying a breeze. Now he's in the real world, patients aren't like the faceless diagrams in his books. They talk, they have feelings – it's a nightmare. Cath - determined, feisty, aware of the effect she has on men, and will use it to her advantage, but wants to be loved for who she really is – she’s just not sure who she really is. Simon - wanted to be a pathologist since he was exposed at an early age to a box-set of 'Quincy, ME.'

Unfortunately, you have to learn how to save people before you can cut them open… Rob - the unspoken leader of the clan - archetypal hard-drinking, hard-playing Welsh man – but Rob’s death as the gangs adventure is just beginning becomes a force to reckon for all….

Credit Line

Red Planet Pictures for BBC


Elin Phillips, Kezia Burrows, Simon Rivers, Gareth Milton


Tony Jordan, Richard Harrington, Kit Lambert, Tracy Spottiswoode, Simon Harris


Martin Hutchings. Executive Producers: Tony Jordan, Claire Phillips, Rob Gittins


Ashley Way, D.J Evans, Gareth Bryn

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