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Accused - Series 1

6 x 1 hour

Intriguing drama Accused – created by Jimmy McGovern, renowned purveyor of highly acclaimed series such as the BAFTA and Emmy award winning The Street and Cracker – centres on six holding cells of a high court.In each cell sits a person or group who are standing trial, accused of committing a crime and now awaiting the verdict.

At the start of each episode, an officer calls out a name – and in one of the cells, the accused stands. He is told the jury is returning. His cell door is opened and he begins the long walk to the dock. As he passes through gates that open and clang shut behind him, we begin to tell the story of his crime – in flashback. Back to the present, and the accused enters the courtroom. Looking around, we see a cast of characters and in flashback we discover how these people fit into the story of the crime. Back in the courtroom all await the verdict.

Weaving tales of fascinating hypothetical scenarios, Accused is a gripping blend of true-to-life situations, moral dilemmas and intriguing characters. For the viewer, the verdict of whether the accused are guilty or innocent will arrive at different points in every story, creating true suspense and surprise. Each time, the possible outcomes are endless – as this compelling drama reveals just how easily life can present so many alternative paths...


International Emmy Awards 2011- Best Drama Series (The Soldier Story) & Best Actor (Christopher Eccleston)
International Emmy Award Nomination - Best Drama Series & Best Performance by an actor (Sean Bean).


"Moving and powerful...a brilliant performance from Christopher Eccleston" - The Telegraph

"A compelling dissection of the fragility of ordinary lives" - The Guardian 

Credit Line

RSJ Films for BBC1, UK


Benjamin Smith (misfits), Mackenzie Crook (the Office, Pirates Of The Caribbean), Christopher Eccleston (the Shadow Line, Doctor Who), Andy Serkis (sex And Drugs And Rock & Roll, King Kong), Juliet Stevenson (the Hour), Peter Capaldi (the Thick Of It, The Field Of Blood), Marc Warren (wanted, Hustle), Naomie Harris (pirates Of The Caribbean, Bond 23)


Jimmy Mcgovern (cracker, The Street)


Executive Producer: Sita Williams


David Blair, Richard Laxton

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