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Do You Know Your Country - Format

105 min eps

A fun and nostalgic journey into the history of your country, as a major entertainment format.

This format focuses on popular culture and really gets into the homes of the nation. There is a living room that reflects the fashions and trends of a particular decade. Two teams, one comprising four family members, the other four celebrities, entertain our studio audience and viewers as they embark on a journey spanning various decades of their country’s history. 

The first round sees two members of each team select a decade and then answer questions in the matching “living room”. There they select objects that are tagged with subject themes - for example, a TV might be showing a renowned sporting fixture or a popular TV series of the era.

The second round sees the other two team members play in another decade. The final round is played by one player from each team with quick fire questions about the two decades that have been shown earlier in the show – points increase for a run of correct answers get an answer wrong and the points go to the opposition! Speed is of the essence!


ARD (Germany)

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Whitebalance for ARD, Germany

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