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Cases of Doubt - Format

45 or 60 min episodes

Nothing is ever simply black or white

Unsuspecting families are confronted with the possibility that a loved one may have committed a crime in carefully scripted stories taken from everyday true events, with twists and turns to keep viewers guessing whether there is truth to the accusation. Events are recreated in a dramatized form that emphasises the emotional aspect of the incident as the family asks, “Can this really be true?”


Germany (RTL) Ukraine (1+1) Russia (Ren TV)
Poland (Polsat) Romania (Prima TV)


In the timeslot, Germany (RTL) share more than double from the previous year . On Polsat (poland) share increased by over 30% from the previous year! Ukraine share was increased by over 43% compared to channel average. On Polsat, MS increased by over 30%.

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Filmpool for RTL, Germany

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