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Out Of My Depth - Series 1

1 x 1 Hour

Out of My Depth is a new entertaining show where a celebrity is given the challenge of learning about a job they know nothing about. They’ll be trained by a ‘mentor’, a charismatic expert. The key is the quality of relationship that develops between teacher and pupil. At the end of a month of training, the mentor must decide if their star student has learnt enough to risk letting them do their job for one day. In the first episode for ITV1, Britain’s Got Talent judge and actress, Amanda Holden, takes on the challenge of becoming a midwife and delivering a baby. She agrees to undergo an intensive month-long period of training under the guidance of her midwife mentor, Pippa Nightingale, one of Britain’s most experienced midwives. She is trained in all areas of the profession, from advising newly pregnant mothers to assisting on water births and dealing with emergencies. She shadows her mentor closely and a strong bond develops between teacher and pupil. The tension builds as Amanda tries to learn the challenging skills required to carry out the job, and convince her mentor that she’s good enough to work as a midwife for a day. It means she has to stop being ‘Amanda the wise-cracking television star’ and become ‘Amanda the medical professional’. It is a highly challenging and emotionally demanding journey. In Out of My Depth viewers watch their favourite stars go on an extraordinary journey that reveals a side of the personality not seen before. There is a compelling and emotional conclusion to the programme as we watch our celebrity take over the responsibilities from their mentor. Will they sink or swim?

Credit Line

Studio Lambert for ITV1, UK


Amanda Holden


Ben Mitchell. Executive Producer: Tania Alexander, Stephen Lambert.


Ben Mitchell

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