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What Age Are You Really? - Format

120 min eps

Who will be brave enough to reveal all as celebrities and viewers undertake the ultimate lifestyle test?

From surgery and cosmetics to nutrition and fitness, the modern world offers unlimited possibilities to retain ones youth long into old age. But with a range of contradictory information constantly published and new products launched daily promising a longer life and slower ageing – one question remains – what can we really do ourselves to look younger and feel healthier?

This entertainment event format breaks through the confusion to answer that question, using an innovative interactive lifestyle test based on the newest scientific developments in anti-ageing techniques.

In the studio, well-known celebrities are challenged to reveal their sins and uncover their indulgences – whilst viewers at home play along – answering a series of 20 questions examining every aspect of their daily lives.

A unique formula combines the results with actual ages to reveal each contestant’s true biological age – have their lifestyle choices sped up the hands of time or kept old age at bay?

Tapping into the global obsession with anti-ageing, this revealing and engaging event format literally offers the opportunity for an entire nation to turn back the clock!


ARD Germany

Credit Line

Originally produced by White Balance for ARD, Germany

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