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Skins - Series 4

8 x 1 hour

Hilarity, tears, hedonism and downright audacious adventures feature with queen bee Effy, kooky Pandora, idealist Naomi, twisted twins Emily and Katie and the irrepressible boys gang of Cook, Freddie, JJ & Thomas. Award-winning hard-hitting emotional tales, told with humour and vigour.


Monte Carlo Awards 2010 - Bryan Elsley; Charles Pattinson; George Faber; John Griffin nominated in the Outstanding International Producer and the Outstanding European Producer categories
Jack O'Connell & Luke Pasqualino nominated in the Outstanding Actor categories
Kaya Scodelario & Lisa Backwell nominated in the Outstanding Actress Categories
Broadcast Awards 2011 - Best Drama Series or Serial (nomination)

Credit Line

Company Pictures for E4 and Channel 4, UK


Jamie Brittain, Ed Hime, Ben Schiffer, Georgia Lester, Sean Buckley, Lucy Kirkwood, Jamie Brittain, Bryan Elsley


John Griffin. Executive Producer: Bryan Elsley, Charles Pattinson, George Faber


Niel Biswas, Philippa Langdale, Esther May Campbell, Daniel O'hara

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