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Don't Get Screwed - Format

1 x 1/2 hour

In Britain in 2008 – the Office of Fair Trading estimated that consumers suffered a loss of £6.6bn from firms which accidently or deliberately treated them unfairly! As times get tough and money gets tight, this is the show that teaches us how to be savvy consumers!

DON’T GET SCREWED goes to extreme lengths to make consumers aware of their rights – giving us all the knowledge and power to fight back! In view of hidden cameras, our three expert presenters turn into a host of different characters – from shop keepers to garage staff, cloakroom attendants to restaurant owners – and infuriate customers with truly abysmal service, creating the worst possible retail experience. Then the show explains the laws that exist to protect us. The dramatic execution of the set-ups ensures the format is big on entertainment. It’s also packed full of vital information, often exposing the gap between perceived rights and what the law really guarantees us.

Format created by Objective Productions


BBC3 (UK) Denmark (DRTV).


At launch 26.10.09 won its timeslot in multichannel homes.

Credit Line

Objective Productions for BBC3, UK

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