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Farm In Time, A - Format

6 x 1 hour

There has never been more interest in the past than there is today. The irony of life in our super hi-tech world is that most of us have no idea how to fend for ourselves without modern conveniences.

A Farm In Time is about reclaiming the lost skills and crafts of the past before they die out completely… We bring them back to life and empower a modern audience with the knowledge of how to do things for themselves – from cookery to carpentry; from making clothes to maintaining animals, from growing food to chopping trees. In the current climate there is a demand for self sufficiency - re-learning old skills and finding out how to do-it-yourself. Here, a group of young, charismatic historians get to grips with the technology, the challenges and the rewards of running a farm at a time when farming was revolutionised by “machinery”. This is not a show about ordinary people struggling to cope with the past; this is “how do they do that?” Farm-life on the cusp of the industrial era recreated for a full calendar year – from September when the wheat crop is sown to August when it is harvested. Using only materials available to them at the time - they’ll salvage, repair and run the revolutionary new machines of the age – from driving a steam train to operating seed drills, steam ploughs and threshing machines. They learn how to manage the land, livestock, and cook, hunt and build. They immerse themselves in re-discovering the lost crafts of the era, sourcing local food and recipes. A diverse range of experts help them master skills they need to learn to survive without modern conveniences. A Farm In Time: relishes discovering the past and a nation’s heritage in an entertaining manner.

Originally produced by Lion Television for BBC2.


BBC2 (UK).


4 million viewers and a 16% audience share on BBC2 (channel average under 10%); Christmas special and 2nd series commissioned by BBC.

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Originally Produced by Lion Television for BBC 2 (UK)



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