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Million Pound Hoax - Format

60 min eps

Imagine the dream has come true – you've just won the lottery – a life changing sum of money!

You tell your friends family and colleagues and watch, along with a lottery’s documentary film crew, as they revel in your luck, champagne flowing all round… But it’s not true. It’s the biggest lie you've ever told - and you've got to keep up that lie for five days, enduring the guilt and pain, because if you can keep up the lie – you’ll win each person you convince a luxury holiday. You are secretly challenged to become a selfish, rampant consumer and social climber – and your true friends won’t like that. Can you deal with the deceit? An incredibly revealing social entertainment show - an emotional journey - that gets to the core of trust, guilt, family – and the important things in life… 


Sky One (UK) NBC (US)


The premiere episode of US version '$25 Million Dollar Hoax' on NBC drew 7.1 million viewers, a 3.2% rating and an 8% share in the Adults 18-49 demographic.

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Maverick Television

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