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Sex Chamber

David Parker Ray was a textbook psychopathic sexual sadist. The FBI described him as one of the most intelligent criminals they have ever come into contact with. Others say that to classify him as a psychopath doesn’t do him justice; rather he was the Devil himself. This is the extraordinary story of the dark and sordid world of one of the most prolific and extreme sexual serial killers in US history. On 22nd March 1999 a woman, naked except for a metal collar around her neck, ran down a road in New Mexico, shattering the calm of this tranquil lakeside community. As a police investigation started and two more survivors came forward, the case exploded in the media – revealing a shocking history of sexual slavery hidden from view for over 40 years. The psychological and physical torture David inflicted on his victims in a specially designed trailer he called his ‘Toy Box’ or simply ‘Satan’s Den’ was incomprehensible. That he had two female accomplices – his daughter and his girlfriend – was beyond disturbing. The driving licenses of many missing women were discovered, and his girlfriend testified that David had claimed to have killed up to 80 women. But in New Mexico, you can’t prosecute for murder without a body, so despite overwhelming evidence, he was charged only for the abduction and rape of the three surviving victims. David Parker Ray died in prison, taking details of the women he had killed and where he’d stashed their bodies to the grave - literally getting away with murder… 

Credit Line

Gecko Productions / The Incubator for Five, UK




Nic Guttridge. Executive Producers: Matthew Drury, Vivian Mcgrath, Simon Andreae


Nic Guttridge

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