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Go Girls - Series 1

13 x 1 hour

Go Girls series 1 showed that local and overseas audiences were ready for a good-hearted romantic comedy about likeable characters with dreams and schemes that everyone can relate to.

In season 2, Kevin and the gals had more bold ambitions. Amy’s quest led her overseas and the show expanded its core cast to include Amy’s ex, Brad, and new guest, Olivia.  In this way, the series has demonstrated its capacity to deliver the same heartfelt comedy and drama, while reinventing itself with fresh characters and complications.

In Go Girls 3, our heroes are facing the end of their twenties - the downhill run which can only end in (oh god) 30...  For some it will mean one last stab at freedom; for others, time to try and settle down.  But as seasons 1 and 2 have shown – even best laid plans lead where you least expect them.

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Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TV2, New Zealand.


Anna Hutchison, Alix Bushnell, Bronwyn Turei, Jay Ryan  


Gavin Strawhan (Burying Brian, Mercy Peak, Being Eve), Rachel Lang (Outrageous Fortune, Maddigans Quest, Mercy Peak) and Kate McDermott (Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune)


Chris Bailey


Created by: Rachel Lang (Outrageous Fortune), Gavin Strawhan (Living It).

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