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Wild At Heart - Series 4

10 x 50

Life for the Trevanions at Leopards Den, the game park in Africa, is changing. After the tragic loss of Sarah, in the fire, Danny and the family have to move on. A new animal hospital has been built and a new vet called Alice, accompanied by her daughter Charlotte, has been hired to aid them in the reconstruction process. There is another new face in the shape of Alice’s brother Rowan, who becomes ensconced with business woman Vanessa at the neighbouring game park Mara. Danny also has to deal with the possibility of losing his stepson Evan, since Sarah’s death means he should legally go back to his real father in the UK. 

Total episodes available: 34 x 60mins.

Credit Line

Company Pictures for ITV1, UK


Stephen Tomkinson (in Deep, In Denial Of Murder), Vincent Regan (murphy's Law, Messiah 2, Troy), Lucy-jo Hudson (coronation Street), Dawn Steele


ashley pharoah


Nick Goding. Series Producer: Serena Bowman


Nigel Douglas, Paul Harrison, Beryl Richards

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