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Take Over, Take Care - Format

60 min

Changing each other's lives

A celebrity takes over the informal care for a patient in his/her home, while their family member caregiver goes off on a well deserved holiday for a short week. During this time, the celebrity fully takes care of the patient, experiencing the hardships of nursing a sick person 24/7 - a situation in which every one of us can get involved in sooner or later. During their days and nights together, the celebrity and the patient create a deep personal bond and experience various strange, difficult, emotional and sometimes funny moments together. In the mean time, the family caregiver is relaxing on holiday and reflecting on his/her life and the future to come. When finally reunited at the end, everyone is filled with new energy and fresh ideas about their personal and caregiver-receiver relationship. The celebrity feels tired but content and under his guidance the audience got a unique insight and became more engaged with this urgent topic for the whole society. 



Credit Line

I Care for NPO1, Netherlands

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