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Quizmaster - Format

90 min

Who is the cleverest of them all?

Quizmaster sees the cleverest contestants go head-to-head in a battle of the brains.  Fifteen contestants are selected to represent five different categories – this could be former champions of the five toughest quiz shows on TV, or five different professions trying to show who is the smartest.

In a thrilling TV arena, these quiz gladiators compete across five knockout rounds – that each test a different quizzing skill – until they are whittled down to one winner.   The contestants will need superfast reactions, astonishing recall and shrewd strategy to outplay their rivals.  By exploiting weaknesses they can sabotage their opponents’ game in the hope of coming out on top.

The Final Round sees the two remaining contestants face each other.  But there’s a twist – they each choose the questions the other must answer!  Who will dig deep and hold their nerve to be crowned the ultimate Quizmaster?



Credit Line

Spun Gold for ITV, UK

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