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Monty Don's American Gardens

3 x 1 hr

Alexandra Henderson Associates

A journey of discovery

What is an American garden? Is there such a thing, and if so, what does it look like? In this three-part series, Monty Don travels across this vast continent in search of answers. He starts at a prairie in full bloom - the original American flowering wilderness. He joins community volunteers creating their own productive spaces in New York and sees what the American can-do attitude coupled with limitless wealth can produce. Heading south, Monty explores the gardens of early independent America and the huge oak trees of New Orleans. And, for the final leg of his journey, Monty heads to the extraordinary scenery of the West Coast, convening with cacti, redwoods and some celebrities on the way. Following Monty on this journey is to follow a passionate, inquisitive traveller for whom visiting gardens tells him, and in turn the viewer, so much about the country at large in a way rarely explored.

Credit Line

Alexandra Henderson Associates for BBC Two, UK

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