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Honey, You Know Me - Format

60 min

Who knows each other best?

Combining an action-packed game show with compelling reality, this exciting new format tackles every couple’s ultimate question: how well do you know your other half?

Eight couples arrive at a stunning location, the perfect place for a romantic celebration. But they’re in for a surprise – they won’t be celebrating their love together; they’ll be testing their knowledge of each other apart! Each pair is split to take part in this challenge of a lifetime, competing in a series of unique and fun games. Will the women recognise their husband's cooking skills? Can the men predict how their wife will react to some nasty creepy crawlies? And can the wives identify their husband’s dance moves when performed by someone else? Each episode builds to a win or lose climax, as the two couples with the lowest scores face a final game to decide who will be eliminated. In the thrilling finale, the two remaining pairs compete to win a luxurious second honeymoon. So, which couples will be perfectly in sync, and which couples will be totally out of step?



Credit Line

POS Video / Rob&Joep Productions for RTL, Netherlands

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