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Butterfly Breath (Pili Pala)

4 x 60 mins

Triongl for S4C, UK

One breath is all it takes

The emotional journey of three women – Sara, a foetal consultant; Elin, her best friend, pregnant with her first baby; and Avril, a midwife – and the life-changing repercussions of a human but ‘bad medical practice’ decision. The trauma of late stage complications in pregnancy is unimaginable to most of us, but Elin is faced with devastating news and makes the agonising decision to terminate. Sara administers the drugs that will induce the labour of Elin’s supposedly stillborn baby girl. Midwife Avril attends the delivery, and when she believes she sees the baby take one last breath after she is born - the Butterfly Breath - she is faced with an ethical and professional dilemma. To tell or not to tell. The consequences of her decision will reverberate through their lives forever. Butterfly Breath (Pili Pala) is a drama about family and friendships with universal themes: the perception of loyalty, the storm of betrayal, the desperation of infertility, and the moral and emotional dilemmas of termination.


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Credit Line

Triongl for S4C, UK


Sara: Sian Reese Williams (Hidden, Requiem)
Elin: Fflur Medi Owen (Darren Drws Nesa)
Avril: Catrin Mara (Parch, Hinterland)


Phil Rowlands (Echoes, Sweetheart)


Nora Ostler (Hinterland, Keeping Faith)


Clare Winyard (Casualty, Call the Midwife)

Additional Credits

Executive Producer: Gethin Scourfield (Hinterland, The Miniaturist)

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