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Midsomer Murders - Series 21

The UK's leading drama export

Midsomer Murders is back with a new array of whodunits set in bizarre worlds populated by interestingly eccentric characters, where the plots are interwoven with red herrings. The county is Midsomer, a place perpetually bathed in midsummer sunshine, where the feeling of community pride is ever present. Midsomer Murders mixes a contemporary context with images and attributes reminiscent of a nostalgic rural past, rendered more idyllic by memory than by reality. The human behaviour conforms, in many ways, to time honoured patterns of moral wickedness and depravity, but is displayed in thoroughly modern forms.

The villagers are the stars of the show and they embody the wicked sense of humour that distinguishes this series from other detective dramas. There are no minor characters – all are irrepressible, eccentric and unforgettable. In this series, DCI Barnaby explores the world of robotics and sashays through the competitive world of ballroom dance. He comes up against the superstitious men and women of the professional angling community and hopes to avoid a sticky end when confronted by fanatical beekeepers.

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