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Inside the Tower of London

8 x 1 hr

Lion Television

The Beefeaters, 1,000 years of history and royal connections

Inside the Tower of London is an eight-part hybrid-history series, going behind the scenes to combine modern-day adventures with fascinating stories from the Tower’s past. Series highlights include the first baby ravens born inside the Tower for thirty years, the rediscovery of the last remaining dress belonging to Elizabeth I, declassified documents revealing how the Tower spied on German prisoners in 1939, and the excavation of skeletons buried in the heart of the Tower. The series also reveals how the Tower commemorated the end of the First World War with ten thousand flames burning in the moat, the longest gun salute in living memory, the extraordinary Naval ceremony of the Constable's Dues and the unique retirement of the Tower Director after fifteen years.

Credit Line

Lion Television for Channel 5, UK

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