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Snackmasters - Format

60 min

Can chefs crack the secrets of the snack?

A cooking challenge like no other! Each episode, Snackmasters sees two of the country’s greatest fine-dining chefs battling it out to make perfect replicas of one of the nation’s best-loved snacks, from classic candies to fast food favourites. With nothing to help them other than limitless supplies of the snack and their taste buds, can they work out the genius behind these seemingly simple snacks? Our Host is there every step of the way to share in their culinary triumphs and failures while our comedic Co-Host enters the heart of the product’s factories to unlock for viewers the mysteries of how they’re really made.
Each episode culminates with the two chefs cooking their version of the snack head-to-head before a judging panel of the factory’s workers. Which chef will be crowned champion, and will either capture the magic of the iconic product?


Channel 4

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Optomen for Channel 4, UK

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