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My Famous Babysitter - Format

60 min

They say nothing can prepare you for having children…

In this entertaining and enlightening experiment, childless celebrities shock test the realities of modern parenting by tackling one of the toughest jobs ever – looking after demanding children for four days while the parents enjoy some well-earned rest!

In each episode, we follow a different celebrity as they are thrown in at the deep end, taking on the parents’ many tasks – cooking, cleaning, helping with homework and policing the kids’ screen time… As the celebrity faces a very different set up from their own childhood and outlook, will they sink or swim, and what will they make of the children’s and parents’ brutally honest feedback? Can the celebrities cope with the chaos and will it ignite or extinguish their parental instinct?

My Famous Babysitter promises not only a fascinating insight into the complexities of 21st century parenting but also a chance to see celebrities in a whole new light.



Credit Line

Swan Films for UKTV, UK

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