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Cooking Up a Fortune - Format

30 min

Serving up the opportunity of a lifetime

Welcome to the Food Arena, where amateur chefs compete to turn their food passion into their profession. Stripped weekly, Monday’s episode sees three pairs of talented home cooks setting up their stalls. Their challenge: to persuade discerning diners to purchase their culinary creation – and not their rivals’ – as profits are key. On Tuesday, the competition heats up as the three teams must now serve two dishes to the paying public – will it be exotic, experimental dishes or comforting family favourites which prove a hit? On hand to offer their expert advice and tricks of the trade on everything from branding to seasoning is our Host, a leading food market entrepreneur. Whichever team turns the biggest profit will make it through to Friday’s Final, where they go head-to-head with the winning team from Wednesday and Thursday’s heat. Friday’s Final promises a tense culinary showdown – as the winning couple get to launch their food brand to thousands of diners at one of the country’s busiest food markets.


Channel 4

Credit Line

Frieda.TV for Channel 4, UK

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