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Playing For Keeps - Series 2

8 x 1 hr

Screentime for Network Ten, Australia

Our leading ladies are back

Our five women are back and they are all ready to move on after last season’s tragedy. But when the girlfriend of the team’s brand new superstar recruit lands at the club and immediately starts causing waves, the women must band together to protect the team, their
partners and each other.

Playing For Keeps is back with more shocks, more frocks and a whole new set of adventures for the ladies of the Southern Jets. Rebuilding after the devastating events of Season One, it’s time for a new direction for our five fabulous women and the men in their lives ... who find themselves playing very different roles this time around.

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Credit Line

Screentime for Network Ten, Australia


Kath: Madeleine West (Neighbours, Satisfaction)
Paige: Cece Peters (The Wrong Girl, Snake Tales)
Maddy: Annie Maynard (Dead Lucky, Tricky Business)
Tahlia: Olympia Valance (Neighbours)
Jessie: Isabella Giovinazzo (Home and Away)


Claire Phillips, Ainslie Clouston, Nicky Arnall, Emma Gordon, Paul Gartside, Shaun Topp


Kerrie Mainwaring, Paul Moloney


Scott Major, Ian Watson, Kate Kendall

Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Rory Callaghan, Rick Maier

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